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Ventilation / AD1 Draft Inducer
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The AD-1 Auto-Draft*...  The most economical draft inducer for your wood burning stove.

Draft inducers are electrically operated devices which increase the air flow up a chimney.
This action increases the negative pressure (draft) in the stove, preventing smoke from leaking out of pipe, seams or doors.  Perfect for tough smoky "start ups".
For use on coal and wood stoves, wood furnaces, wood boilers, pellet stoves** and most other solid fuel appliances needing additional draft to function more efficiently.
With Auto-Draft your hard starting stove draws immediately.  No smoky back up even with moist hard to ignite types of wood.  Once the fire is burning, adjust the variable speed control knob on electrical box for maximum efficiency of your stove.  Auto-Draft provides for total utilization of your wood, leaving only a fine ash residue in most cases.

A simple solution to a sometimes complicated problem.....
The AD-1 draft inducer causes no additional pipe restriction and can be "used as needed".
No more smoke...Turn it on to load wood or during a draft issue, and then shut if off.
No smoke
when loading

Eliminates Smoke when loading.
Overcomes flow reversal in non-self-starting chimneys.
Establishes fires quickly.
Encourages complete utilization of fuel, leaving a fine ash.
Specially designed heat resistant, radial type blower.
Easily installed.
Variable speed control.
Fits 5, 6, 7 and 8" diameter stovepipe.
Operates on standard 110 VAC.
Draws .8 amps (maximum).
Dimensions: 11 5/8" x 8 1/2" x 7 1/2".
Weight: 9 1/2 lbs

Solve smoking problems from appliances with exposed interior single wall flue pipe

Great DIY project.  Easily installs by cutting a rectangular 8 5/8” x 3 1/8” hole in the single wall flue pipe from the stove. 

Vertical mounting, you need at least 12 to 24” clearance above the stove.  A closer mounting may be possible with some form of heat shield to deflect rising heat from “cooking” the fan controls.  The AD-1 has a heat-treated housing that allows it to withstand pipe temperatures up to 700 degrees and even though the unit gets HOT from the high pipe temps the ambient room air around the controls should not exceed 104 degrees. 

 On a horizontal pipe installation the fan must be in attached to the underside of the pipe and concern be placed on its distance from a combustible wall surface.  This installation may also keep the unit cooler as it will be further from the heat source.

The fan is only pre wired to the speed control…. There is no “plug-in” cord off the control box, but the unit only draws .8 amps, so a wired plug can be attached to use a close wall outlet.  A conduit pipe should be part of the electrical installation, mostly to protect the cord from touching and accidentally melting on the hot flue pipes.

 After installation, a turn on the variable speed switch allows smoke free loading and tending of your wood stove.

AD-1 Auto-Draft Draft Inducer Installation

****  Ventilation manufacturers produce a wide variety of draft inducers for gas and oil appliances.  Tjernlund, a leading and innovative presence in this field, has introduced a draft inducer for wood and coal applications.  Tjernlund has taken their model D-3 and modified it for the much needed task of draft assisting the common free-standing wood stove.

The D-3, DJ-3 and other models, even similar from other manufacturers, are not recommended for a solid fuel environment.

The AD-1 can be identified by its BLACK heat treated paint finish and adjustable speed control.

Right now, this is the only manufacturer recommended draft inducer for this application.
.... and the most economical compared to duplicating it with standard similar looking fan models and additional controls.