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Ventilation / Fresh Air Intake Fans
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In-Forcer  Fresh Air Intakes

The automatic system to bring tempered make-up air into your home. The ideal companion to tightly sealed and insulated homes.

Energy-conserving homebuilding materials and techniques minimize fresh air intake...a major cause of illness, discomfort and structural damage.
The IN-FORCER mechanically draws outside air indoors to dilute pollutants and replace stale air without sacrificing energy savings.
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  Affordably priced and installs fast. Plugs into electrical outlet.   Reduces cold drafts through windows, doors, fireplaces caused by excessive negative pressure.
  Automatic clock/timer accommodates various air change requirements and lifestyles.   Reduces moisture, mold mildew buildup.
  Temper incoming cold, fresh air by blending it with ambient room air before introducing it into home.   Helps replace air vented by exhaust fans, fireplaces, etc.
  Reduces negative pressure, a major cause of flue gas spillage and radon gas entry.   Damper closes during off cycles to prohibit  cold air entry and warm air loss.
  Increases security--fresh air can be brought in even when windows and doors are locked.

Straight Through Method Goose Neck Method

PAI-1T - Black    PAI-2T - Red

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