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Ventilation / Side Wall Venter - Gas
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Everything needed to turn a water heater into a side wall vented water heater (except vent pipe) is contained in the one easy kit.

Problem: Installing or replacing expensive "power vented" water heaters that in some cases have a short life span due to local water issues.

Solution: Purchasing a basic economical water heater and using/re-using the VP-2 power venter kit.

If you haven’t recently compared the cost difference between a manufacturers expensive power-vented model to the same basic model and a Water Heater Vent Package, VP-2F or VP-3F, check it out.

The VP series is designed from the start for easy installation by a plumber or contractor that doesn’t need an electrician’s license.
The VP power venter plugs into an electrical outlet and the rest of the color-coded wiring is all low voltage.

VP-2/3 Models: VP-2F : VP-3F
CSA Design Certified, used for Side Wall venting any brand or type of millivolt residential or light commercial gas water heater. Vents up to 75 equivalent feet and includes: Post-Purge Relay/Timer, Gas Pressure Switch, Thermocouple Junction Adapter, Linear Limit Spillage Switch, and Vent Hood. Factory pre-wired electrical box and Control Cables eliminate the need for an electrician.

VP-2F will vent up to 60,000 BTU/hr
VP-3F 60,000 up to 120,000 BTU/hr.

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