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Ventilation / Room to Room Fan
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Room to Room Ventilator Fan
Make hot or cold rooms more comfortable

Tjernlund’s AireShare™ moves air to rooms that are too hot or cold. Quiet and low-profile, the air moves through the wall cavity allowing the intake or diffuser to be high or low.
Perfect for space heater, wood stoves, fireplaces, split system, and window A/C applications. Named a Fujitsu Solutions Partner for their space heating and split system air conditioning product line.

Pull air from any level and distribute high or low.
  • Blends with any décor

    • Classic grille and sleek diffuser

    • No exposed electrical cords

  • Whisper quiet operation

    • Low sone cross flow blower (1.5 sones)

    • 50% quieter than any other through wall fan

  • Easy to install

    • Quickly installs in interior finished walls. Studs must be 2" x 4" or greater and 16" on center.

    • Choose hard wired model AS1 or concealed power cord model AS1P


- Hardwire Version

- Plug-in Version

Easy to install with common hand tools.

The AireShare ventilator can be installed in any unobstructed interior wall with studs 16" on center.

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  AS1 Instructions
Installation & Wiring
  AS1P Instructions
Installation & Wiring