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Chimney Dampers / RS+ LockTop II- Air Cooled
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Air Cooled RS Adaptor Kit - Includes Custom Air Cooled RS Adaptor and LockTop II

...when you buy from Volko Supply

Properly Sized Lock Top II
Chimney Damper & Cap Combo
Sweeps Ring... Included

Custom Stainless Steel RS Adaptor
for Air Cooled Pipe

Smaller Sized Fire Safety Device

*** Damper will not close properly unless smaller safety device is installed

Pipe Not Included... Section of pipe shown for visual purposes only

Easy Installation Adaptor slips to inner flue pipe Damper attached to adaptor

CAUTION: A custom Air Cooled Adaptor must be used for Air Cooled Pipe.
DO NOT attempt to use a standard RS Adaptor with air cooled pipe.

Air cooled double and triple wall flue systems need to be measured by their INSIDE measurement.

Typically... the inner pipe will be a "full" inch measurement...
IE... 8" not 7 3/4" or 10" not 10 1/4"
... the larger outer pipe will vary in size depending on the air space between the pipes and manufacturers design..

The inner and outer pipe need to be the same height for proper installation of an RS Adaptor.

Need extra help? Measure and e-mail us a picture....

If the inner pipe is higher the outer pipe you will need to cut the pipe to the same height as the outer.
Note: look for any "extension" of pipe that can be removed to avoid cutting.
If the inner pipe is lower than the outer... a small section of pipe may need to be installed.

A nice installation with a custom Air Cooled Pipe Adaptor and Lock Top II damper/cap.....
Air Cooled Pipe
Pipes must be even heights for proper installation
Installed RS Adaptor
Provides flat area to attach LockTop or Lock Top II
Air Cooled RS Adaptor
Provides air space to allow outer pipe(s) to exhaust
Lock Top II
Prior to installation of chimney cap
Damper attached to RS adaptor with adhesive (included)
Lock Top II
Easily removable for cleaning/sweeping

Think you have an air cooled pipe system... call or e-mail for custom pricing.

ADD a Cable Shield for $20** or Lyemance LockTop 50' Cable for only $22**

COMBO SPECIAL pricing valid ONLY on purchases of a Cable Shield or Cable AND Lyemance Damper

Lock-Top's rubber gasket seals tightly like a storm door for your fireplace, and keeps heating and cooling dollars where they should your home.

Lock-Top mounts on top of your chimney to keep out animals and rain.

Lock-Top easily operates from inside your firebox and seals tight every time you close it—eliminating any draft.

The Lock Top damper seals with a rubber gasket, not metal to metal like your current damper. A Lock-Top Damper seals tight, so virtually no air, and thus no heat or air conditioning gets lost up your chimney.

The Lock Top also eliminates downdrafts, seals out rain which can deteriorate the inside of your chimney, and prevents entry by pests like squirrels, raccoons, and nesting birds.

The Lyemance Lock Top Chimney Damper mounts on top of your chimney

Lyemance Lock Top Chimney Damper Gasket

Lyemance Chimney Damper

A cable drops down your flue and attaches to a handle which mounts where you can reach it for convenient opening and closing.

Superior stainless steel and cast-aluminum construction equal a lifetime warranty
The Lock-Top Damper is made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel, precision fitted with our special silicone rubber gasket. These high-quality materials add up to a factory lifetime warranty for you.