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Chimney Dampers / Chimalators - Painted
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Above is the most common flue sized Chimalator we stock in a custom powder coated finish.
Please call 800 685 8263 for pricing, availability and to order a custom powder coated Chimalator in any other size.
Call to order with 5/8" spark arrestor mesh or longer cables.



The Chimalator ( All stainless steel top sealing damper cap combo )

Measure OUTSIDE of Flue Tile. Use chart to order proper size.
Each size of CHIM-A-LATOR® has 2.25 inches of adjustment.

Note: Since the Chimalator attaches to the outside of the flue, try to leave some 'play' to tighten the screws. If your flue is 12 x 12" on the outside, you would order a 13 x 13" Chimalator.

Estimate Length of Flue. If longer than 30 ft. request a longer cable when ordering a CHIM-A-LATOR®

Measure Height of Flue Tile Extending Out of Chimney. If this measurement is less than 1.25 inches, you will need a flue extension.

Always measure a flue side to side, never corner to corner

Proven for over 30 years to be the most trouble free top sealing damper.

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. If within 30 days, you are not fully satisfied return the CHIM-A-LATOR® for a full refund.
  • Lifetime Warranty, best on the market today.
  • Fast Installation Comes fully assembled for fast and easy "bolt to flue" installation.
  • Chimney Fire Tested with little or no damage to unit. Will not fall and close flue in event of a chimney fire.
  • Saves Energy tight seal on top of the chimney, keeps heat in when fireplace is not in use.
  • 17 Standard Sizes to fit odd size, oval flues, flush flues and the popular ' there is no flue, it's just a hole '
  • Six Setting Regulator controls the amount of draft to produce more heat when burning.
  • Prevents Down Draft Smoking caused by wind.
  • Keeps Out Animals, birds, insects, bees, rain, leaves, wind and airplane noise.

Need more info? Visit us at

Need help measuring? Give us a call.. 800 685 8263

The Handle Assembly ( included with the Chimalator )

Six Setting Regulator is installed within the firebox. Removable handle extends past the opening to allow damper setting even during a fire. Control the amount of draft to one of the 6 settings to produce more heat when burning and remove handle to close a spark screen or glass doors.

The Flue Extension ( Optional. Used for a short, flush, odd or no flue installation )

Available stock or custom.
Mounts to the cement crown around the chimney flue or opening.
Chim-a-lator easily bolts to the flue extension

Need the Flue Extension? See our Chimalator w/ Extension section for pricing.