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Volko Supply…. Online

 We are proud to have grown from a friendly neighborhood home improvement store to become an online source for home improvement supplies….
Welcome to - our buy on line website to make your purchase even easier.

Volko Supply is a third generation wholesale building material supply house.
A true "brick & mortar" business located in New Hyde Park, NY...... and now on the web at

  Volko Supply was established in 1948.   We are a listed company with Dunn & Bradstreet, rated 3-A1 (312) 427-0733 and the Lumbermans Credit Association rated 4-A1 (312) 427-0733.

As you surf the web and sift through all those “other” online stores that boast the lowest prices “guaranteed”, years of product knowledge or unbelievable deals…. You will probably find most claims of customer service and support an empty e-mail or cell phone message.  Don’t be fooled… most on-line sites are no more than a side job creation out of some get rich quick book. A convienient “drop-shipping” tool monitored at a basement computer with a bag of cheese-doodles.

Volko Supply provides true full service… we are here, working, to make your online shopping experience with us successful & pleasurable. doesn’t just have a “buy” button.  It is intended to fully explain and provide consumers with product knowledge and sizing savvy….  so much so that we realized the need for this online ordering site.

Volko will still provide e-mail and phone support for any product questions, and also provide on-site links for specifications, stock and custom ordering.

Please browse our site and satellite sites at
Let us know what you are looking for…. That’s why we’re here.

Don’t see what you need…. Keep checking back as we expand our inventory and brand manufacturers with new product lines.

Got a question? Give us a call 800 685 8263


Any contact or interaction with Volko Supply is treated as "personal" and confidential.
Volko Supply does not and will not sell, share or publish your e-mail address or any other information.
We respect your privacy.

Volko Supply Co. Inc.
205 Herricks Road
Garden City Park, N.Y. 11040

Tel 516-741-4466

Fax 516-741-4470


Mon-Fri 7-5  Sat 7-12  EST.

Full service does still exist, and here the premium is on service not on price.

Thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to helping you with your project.

I love what I do, as does everyone here at Volko.  Give us a call, we don't just sell stuff.

Thank you,

Reiner Scherzinger